Q&A: Ear Abstracts' Leading Lady

Ever wonder who is the woman behind it all here at Ear Abstracts Boutique? Well, we asked the founder, Judy, a few questions so you can get to know her and her boutique better.

Q: What made you want to open a boutique?

A: My daughter-in-law, Michelle, was working in an office and made earrings as a hobby to give to friends and family. I received so many compliments from the community and started to get requests to purchase some that we decided to sell them. Michelle started to make more earrings as well as painting shirts to match them. They were an instant success.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We started selling the earrings and shirts from home in 1988, opened up our first store where the tea room is now in January 1990, and then moved to our current location in May of the same year. We needed a bigger location because we were getting contacted by reps of other companies to sell their merchandise. We have been around for over 25 years.

Q: What inspired the name?

A: My daughter-in-law actually came up with the name because we started off by selling earrings that were unique and abstract. They were one of a kind, which I believe was why people were so attracted to them.

Q: What makes your store stand out from other boutiques in the area?

A: I think we are very unique. We have something for everyone. We try to be a one stop shop and are very selective with what we buy to carry in the store. We don’t buy too much of one item so there’s more of a uniqueness and exclusivity to owning it. Also, my girls who work here are wonderful and provide amazing customer service.

Q: What do you attribute to your success?

A: I think the uniqueness of the store is what has helped make it successful, as well as my amazing customers. I love people and interacting with them, which has led me to establish beautiful friendships. They come in as customers and leave as family. I have many customers who have been shopping with me since the beginning.

Q: What is the aesthetic of your boutique?

A: I would say it has a vintage feel with a modern twist. We have classic items that never go out of style along with trendier pieces that catch your attention.

Q: What are your must see products in your boutique?

A: I would definitely say if you come in you must see all our Brighton, Karen Kane, Uno de 50, and Crislu. We have many other amazing brands, but these are our top.

Q: Who is your style icon?

A: I remember that back in the day I loved Barbra Streisand’s style. She always looked so effortlessly cool and chic.

Q: How does it feel to have won Best of OC for woman’s clothing store?

A: I was so surprised when I got the news. I felt very happy and blessed. It was a fantastic feeling. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Q: What is your long term goal for Ear Abstracts?

A: I want it to be known as a Yorba Linda icon, a hidden treasure. I want it to always be a place where people can feel happy to come to. I’ve always envisioned it as a go-to-place for shopping for beautiful and unique things.